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Curator- initial concept: Marina Maleni

Artistic researcher and Installation designer: Melita Couta

Collaborating technical advisor: Harris Kafkarides

Art and Technology collaborator for Audio Visual: Giorgos Lazoglou

Video performance artists: Pascal Caron and Melita Couta

Graphic and web design: Philippos Vassiliades

Technical support in Prague: Doros Tsolakis

Technical support in Nicosia: THOC technical services


Permission for use of archived material from Digital Herodotus was granted by the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation.


Photos on cypruspq23: Melita Couta (except where mentioned otherwise and in bios)

Art work Spectators in a Ghost City: Cyprus Theatre Organisation 

For further inquiries please contact Cyprus Theatre Organisation at



Marina Maleni Kyriazi


Born in Nicosia, Cyprus, holds degrees in Theatre Studies, Acting and Sociology from the University of Texas at Austin and in Communication and Journalism from the Open University Cyprus.  Has worked successfully as an actress, TV host and radio music producer for several years.  As an actress she performed roles in THOC productions such as Masha in Chekhov’s Three Sisters, Olivia in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night by Shakespeare, Shelby in Harling’s Steel Magnolias


Working since 2001 as Theatre Development Officer for the Cyprus Theatre Organisation, she is in charge of State theatre subsidies and policy forming, European collaborations, playwriting development, non-professional theatre, theatre education programs, has been PQ National Curator for exhibitions since 2007.  Has worked extensively in the Committee for Theatre in Schools (THOC - Ministry of Education and Culture), the Study Committee for the creation of A Cultural Authority in Cyprus, the National Committee for Delphic Games, the development of state subsidy policy for theatres in Cyprus, and in developing bridges with artists and organizations abroad etc.  


Hosts CYBC TV talk show on culture which just completed its sixth season. Has been coordinating several very successful European culture programme collaborations for Cyprus.


Melita Couta


Melita Couta is a multidisciplinary artist born in Cyprus. She studied at Central St. Martin’s College of Art and Design and at the Slade School of Fine Art in London. She has been working with sculpture, ceramics, installation art, performance as well as using collaborative and participatory methodologies in order to investigate subjects related with narratives through personal and collective identities and memories. As a curator and Artistic Director she has worked with local communities on Cultural projects, Festivals and Workshops in order to revisit local histories and making processes.


She has been exhibiting her work widely in Cyprus and abroad in numerous solo and group exhibitions. 

Melita Couta has been working extensively in theatre and performing arts as a director, performance designer and producer. She is currently a Visiting Lecturer at the Fine Art Department of The Nicosia University.


Harris Kafkarides


Βorn in Nicosia in 1978.  He studied scenography at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design (University of London) and holds a BA (Hons) in Theatre Design for Performance and an MA in Scenography.


For the past 20 years, he has been working as a set designer with THOC (Cyprus Theatre Organization), independent theatres (Satiriko, ETHAL, Scala, Ena, Dionysos), and other theatre groups both in Cyprus and abroad. 


In 2003, he was awarded an Honorable Distinction at the 10th Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space for his set design for the play Troades. In 2006, together with Melita Kouta, he founded the theater group PARAVAN, which has been involved in the creation of numerous theatre performances, curating exhibitions and festivals with distinctions both domestically and internationally. 


From 2007 to 2021, he taught scenography and theatre, and from 2022, he is Technical Supervisor at THOC.


Pascal Caron


Pascal Caron is an adjunct faculty member at the Music and Dance Department of the University of Nicosia where he teaches dance history and practice-as-research projects, and at the Department of French and European Studies of the University of Cyprus. As performer, dancer and choreographer, he has shown his own work in Cyprus since 2007 at the Dance Platform, NoBody festival, Nea Kinisi Summer dance festival, Cyprus Archeological Museum, among others, and has worked with choreographers, dance companies and theatre groups such as Dance Gate Nicosia, Julia Brendle, Petros Konnaris, Asomates Dynameis, Paravan, Satyrico Theatre and THOC.

He holds a PhD from the University of Sorbonne-Paris IV (France) on the relationships between modern dance and literature. In addition to a number of articles on this subject published in academic journals and cultural studies magazines, he is the author of two books: Scotoma: The Blind Spot of Maps and Drawings/ La tache aveugle des cartes et des dessins (with Melita Couta, Nicosia, 2011); Faunes: Poésie, corps, danse, de Mallarmé à Nijinski (Paris, Honore Champion, 2006).


George Lazoglou 


Born in Ptolemaida, West Macedonia, Greece. Lives and Works in Cyprus and Greece.


He is a production manager and a multimedia and light designer working in the theatre area and performing arts. He has realised many visual exhibitions; musical theatre shows and performances and has taken part in many festivals in Europe and internationally.  


Under his direction as a Production Manager of Pafos2017 European Capital of Culture, some of the biggest and most important performances and artistic events ever happening in Cyprus were planned and implemented. Selected examples are the concert of the Berlin Philharmonic, the performance Cassandra by the Comèdie de Genève with Fanny Ardan, the Eternal Journeys (site specific musical performances), the Opening and Closing Ceremony of the European Capital of Culture as well as many other artistic events and visual art exhibitions.


In 2018 he was member of the winning team for the Malta Pavilion at Venice Biennale Competition and also the Production Manager of Malta’s representation at Venice Biennale 2019.

He studied Electronic Engineering and Energy Management systems. Parallel to this he attended Photography and Theatre Lighting Courses and workshops in Edinburgh, London, and Thessaloniki. He has a MA in Multimedia Design, from the Cyprus University of Technology, in the research area of “Virtual Reality and Theatre” (2012). In addition, he completed a year in the Doctorate program in professional Studies at Middlesex University in the subject of “Multimedia Applications in Contemporary Theatre”.


Doros Tsolakis


Born in Cyprus in 1975.  He graduated in 1993 from the Technical School specializing in rolling mill and as a welder.  On completion of his Military Service, he worked for two years in construction as a metal welder.


Since 1997 he has been working at the Cyprus Theatre Organisation as a Welder/Stage Engineer.  Specifically, in the construction of theatre sets as well as in the operation of electronic theatre mechanisms.


In addition, he works as a stage technician for the Cyprus Theatre Organisation’s regular theatre productions and performances on tour both in Cyprus and abroad.

Cyprus Theatre Organisation 


The Cyprus Theatre Organisation (THOC) set out on its creative journey in 1971, aspiring to «promote the art of theatre in Cyprus and to cultivate a sense of artistic performance among the people, as well as to foster artistic relations between drama staged in Cyprus, Greece and other countries».


As a semi-governmental Organisation, THOC is placed under the supervision of the Deputy Minister of Culture and is governed by a nine-member Board of Directors (BoD) appointed by the Council of Ministers for a thirty-month term of office. Since 2017 ΤΗΟC is also headed by an Artistic Director for a three-year term, following a position announcement and approval by the BoD. The Organisation’s policy is set out by its Board of Directors.   


Τhe State Theatre of Cyprus offers productions on four different stages:


  • The Main Stage hosts large-scale productions of classic, modern and contemporary plays, as well as ancient drama, intended for large audiences.


  • The New Stage hosts socially engaged, small-cast plays of international contemporary theatre in a smaller, atmospheric space that strengthens intimacy between stage and audience.


  • 0-18 Stage: Includes plays for children and youth, successfully reaching out to young people with performances specially organised for pupils and preschoolers.


  • Theatre Apothikes:  Experimentation is facilitated as well as the quest for new creative ways of expression.  From this venue young talented artists and theatre people with fresh ideas can find a medium for expression.


The changes that have, over the past years, brought THOC at the heart of the European theatre, whilst clearly prompting a change of attitude by the audience in Cyprus vis-à-vis the Organisation, have carried on with the same enthusiasm and awareness of the set target: make theatre for the people of Cyprus with openings to and influences from the international stage.  


A review of THOC’ s accomplishments over its 52 years of operation would impress even the more reluctant or “indifferent” audiences to theatre: high standards of productions, demonstration of important artistic skills by actors, directors, composers, designers, choreographers etc. The Organisation’s productions have travelled to all continents, with THOC being hailed as a confident and distinguished theatre entity, contributing to the rich Greek heritage but also to the creation of bridges between cultures.  In this aspect, THOC can boast to have honoured Cyprus and theatre in general.


Today THOC is undoubtedly one of the most important cultural operators in Cyprus and the nucleus of theatre activity on the island; it maintains a well-respected international artistic presence with highly acclaimed productions and activities, as well as a vast array of programmes in the field of theatre development. It pursues its cultural contribution to the country by placing humans at the heart of its commitments and offering diversity in its artistic and educational endeavours, as it addresses the wider public and builds new audiences.  


Ιn 1979, eight years after its establishment, THOC added to its structure the Department of Theatre Development, which has since been engaged in ways and projects that broaden and promote theatre activity in Cyprus, in cooperation with other entities and social groups.


The main activities of the Department of Theatre Development are as follows:


  • Subsidisation and support of independent theatres (non-profit companies), as well as ad hoc performances (since October 2022 the subsidisation programme has been transferred to the newly founded Deputy Ministry of Culture).

  • Organisation of seminars, lectures, and other events related to theatre.

  • Theatre in education:  Pancyprian theatre school games, workshops for professionals and educators of all academic levels, support and close collaboration with the Cyprus Ministry of Education, Sport and Youth in theatre development through the educational system.

  • Amateur theatre:  Support and Organisation of the annual Pancyprian Festival of Amateur Theatre, workshops, networking etc.

  • Theatre of Cypriot communities abroad: Minor yet significant support to groups keeping theatre accessible to Cypriots abroad.

  • Playwriting Development, Competitions and support of Cypriot playwrights

  • Collaborations with Organisations abroad: Participation in European Programs dealing with Education, outreach, intercultural exchange, multiculturalism and exchange of good practices.

  • Subsidisation of organised groups (i.e. Cyprus Centre of the International Theatre Institute, Cyprus Actors’ Union, Playwrights’ Society, etc.).

  • Networking and providing information regarding matters of theatre.

Digital Herodotus


"Digital Herodotus" (2013) was a pioneering project for the preservation and promotion of historical archives from Cyprus and the Aegean. With the use of new technology, the Cyprus Broadcasting Operation (CyBC) implemented the digitization of a significant part of its unique audiovisual archive, as well as part of its radio archive, reflecting the course of Cyprus and its people for more than half a century. Similar work for newspapers and manuscripts was done by the public libraries of Lesvos, the Central Public Library of Mytilene and the Public Historical Library of Mithymna "Argyris Eftaliotis". 


The "Digital Herodotus" Project is part of the European Cross-Border Cooperation between Cyprus and Greece, covering the entire territory of Cyprus, Crete and islands of the northern and southern Aegean. All of CyBC's cultural archives, which were digitized during the first project, are also highlighted through the upgraded platform. Among them, documents of the critical period in Cyprus between 1974-1978.  This operation was also co-financed by the EU (ERDF) and with national funds of Greece and Cyprus.



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